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Warnings and Cautions
1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
3. Getting Started
3.1. Hardware Installation
3.1.1. Apply Power to the APS-8-16M
3.1.2. Connect your Telco Line to the APS-8-16M
3.1.3. Connect a PC to the APS-8-16M
3.2. Connect your Equipment to the Serial Ports
3.3. Communicating with the APS-8-16M
4. Hardware Installation
4.1. Connecting Power to the APS Unit
4.1.1. AC Powered Units
4.1.2. DC Powered Units
4.2. Connect a Telco Line to the Modem Port
4.3. Connecting Devices to the APS Serial Ports
5. Configuration
5.1. Access to the APS-8-16M Command Mode
5.2. System SetUp Ports
5.3. Password Functions
5.4. The System Parameters Menu
5.4.1. The Password Directory Adding Passwords Deleting the Entire Password Directory
5.4.2. The Dial Back Function
5.5. Port Configuration
5.5.1. Configuration Conventions
5.5.2. Port Modes
5.5.3. RS232 Port Configuration Menus
5.5.4. The Invalid Access Lockout Feature
5.6. Copying Parameters to All Ports
5.7. Save User Selected Parameters
6. The Internal Modem
6.1. Communicating with the Internal Modem
6.2. Common AT Commands
7. The Status Screens
7.1. The Port Status Screen
7.2. The Port Diagnostics Screen
7.3. The Port Parameters Screens
7.4. The Password Directory Screen
8. Operation
8.1. Any-to-Any Mode
8.1.1. Port Connection and Disconnection Connecting Ports Disconnecting Ports
8.1.2. Defining Hunt Groups
8.2. Passive Mode
8.3. Buffer Mode
8.3.1. Reading Data from Buffer Mode Ports
8.3.2. Port Buffers
8.4. Modem Mode
9. Saving and Restoring Configuration Parameters
9.1. Sending Parameters to a File
9.2. Restoring Saved Parameters
10. Upgrading APS-8-16M Firmware
11. Command Reference Guide
11.1. Command Conventions
11.2. Command Response
11.3. Command Summary
11.4. Command Set
A. RS232 Port Interface
B. Specifications
C. Customer Service
D. Trademark and Copyright Information
E. Regulatory Statements