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1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.1. CPM-6400 Hardware
2.1.1. Power Supply Module
2.2. Control Module
2.3. I-O Port Modules
3. Getting Started
3.1. Communication Parameters
3.2. Connecting your PC to the CPM-6400
3.3. Apply Power to the CPM-6400
3.4. Communicating with the CPM-6400
4. Hardware Installation
4.1. Setup Switches
4.1.1. Configuring SetUp Switches Removing the Control Module Baud Rate Parity Data Bits Per Character Handshake Auto Sleep Feature Security Level Initialize the Unit to Default Settings
4.2. Connecting Devices to the CPM-6400
4.2.1. Daisy Chaining CPM-6400 Units
5. Port Configuration
5.1. Access to the Command Mode
5.2. Configuration Conventions
5.3. Port Modes
5.3.3. Port Configuration Commands
6. Operation
6.1. Normal Mode- Port Connection and Disconnection
6.1.1. Using ASCII Commands to Connect Ports
6.1.2. Disconnecting Ports
6.1.3. Connecting and Disconnecting Daisy Chained Ports Connecting Daisy Chained Ports Disconnecting Daisy Chained Ports
6.1.4. Defining Hunt Groups
6.2. Audit Mode
6.3. Data Log Mode
6.3.1. Reading Data from Data Log Ports
6.4. Command Macros
7. Command Reference Guide
7.1. Command Conventions
A. Description of System Interfaces
A.2. Snap Adapters
A.3. Cables
A.4. Options and Accessories
B. Specifications
C. Customer Service