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Warnings and Cautions
1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel
3. Quick Start - System Overview
4. Installation
4.1. Power Supply Connection
4.3. Connecting Common and A-B Lines
4.4. Connecting the Network Cable
4.5. Connecting an External Modem
4.6. Connecting a PC to the Console Port
5. SetUp and Configuration
5.1. System Mode and User Mode
5.2. Communicating with the PLS-345
5.3. PLS Command-Menu Conventions
5.4. Defining General Parameters
5.5. Circuit Parameters
5.6. Network Parameters
5.6.1. Implementing IP Security
5.7. The Monitor Mode
5.7.1. Hardware Configuration
5.7.2. Selecting Monitor Mode Parameters
5.8. Save Configuration Parameters
6. The Status Screens
6.1. The Circuit Status Screen
6.2. The Network Status Screen
7. Operation
7.1. Manual A-B Switching
7.2. Code Activated A-B Switching
7.2.1. The -A Command and the -B Command
7.2.2. The -D Command
7.3. The Monitor Mode
8. Saving and Restoring Configuration Parameters
8.1. Sending Parameters to a File
8.2. Restoring Saved Parameters
9. Application Examples
9.1. Monitoring Signal Drop and-or Power Loss
9.2. Monitoring a Contact
10. Command Summary
10.2.Configuration Commands
10.3.Control Commands
A. Interface Descriptions
A.1 Console Port Interface
A.2 Modem Port Interface
A.3 Common Ports and A - B Ports
B. Specifications
C. Customer Service