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Warnings and Cautions
1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel Components
2.2. Back Panel Components
3. Quick Start
3.1. Hardware Installation
3.1.1. Apply Power to the CMS-6R4
3.1.2. Connect your PC to the CMS-6R4
3.2. Communicating with the CMS-6R4
3.3. Connecting Ports and Switching Outlets
4. Installation
4.1. Power Supply Connection
4.1.1. Installing the Cable Keeper
4.2. Connecting Devices to the Switched Outlets
4.3. Connecting Devices to the RS232 Serial Ports
4.4. Connecting Control Devices to the CMS-6R4
4.4.1. Control via Local PC
4.4.2. Control via Modem
4.4.3. Connecting the Network Cable
5. Configuration
5.1. Supervisor Mode and Non-Supervisor Mode
5.2. Communicating with the CMS-6R4
5.2.1. Accessing the Web Browser Interface
5.2.2. Accessing the Text Interface
5.3. System SetUp Port
5.4. Password Functions
5.5. Configuration Menus
5.5.1. The System Parameters Menu The Password Directory Adding Passwords Editing Passwords Deleting Passwords Deleting the Entire Password Directory The Dial Back Function
5.5.2. Network Parameters Menu Telnet Port Parameters The Invalid Access Lockout Feature
5.5.3. RS232 Port Parameters RS232 Port Modes Copying Parameters to Several Ports
5.5.4. Configuring the Internal Modem
5.5.5. Plug Parameters Menus The Boot- Sequence Delay Period.
5.6. Save Configuration Parameters
6. Operation
6.1. Operation via the Web Browser Interface
6.1.1. The Status Screen - Web Browser Interface
6.2. Operation via the Text Interface
6.2.1. The Status Screen - Text Interface
6.2.2. Switching Outlets - Text Interface Applying Commands to Several Outlets -Text Interface Connecting Ports Disconnecting Ports Defining Hunt Groups
6.3 Port Modes
6.3.1. Any-to-Any Mode
6.3.2. Passive Mode
6.3.3. Buffer Mode Port Buffers
6.3.4. Modem Mode
6.4. Logging Out of Command Mode
6.5. The Automated Mode
6.6. The Direct Connect Feature
6.6.1. Standard Telnet Protocol and Raw Socket Mode
6.6.2. Direct Connect Configuration
6.6.3. Connecting to a Serial Port using Direct Connect
6.6.4. Terminating a Direct Connect Session
6.7. Manual Operation
7. The Status Screens
7.1. The Main Status Screen
7.2. The Network Status Screen
7.3. The Port Diagnostics Screen
7.4. The Port Parameters Screen
7.4.1. Port Parameters Screen - Serial Ports
7.4.2. Port Parameters Screen - Network Port
7.5. The User Directory
8. Saving and Restoring Configuration Parameters
8.1. Sending Parameters to a File
8.2. Restoring Saved Parameters
9. Upgrading the CMS-6R4 Firmware
10. Command Reference Guide
10.1. Command Conventions
10.2. Command Summary
10.3 Command Response Messages
10.4. Command Set
A. Interface Description
A.1. Serial RS232 Port Interface
B. Specifications
C. Customer Service
8.2.4. Terminating a Direct Connect Session