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1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel Indicators
2.2. Back Panel
3. Getting Started
3.1. The Main Menu
3.2. Moving Around the AND-1 Menus
3.4. Exit from the Command Mode
4. General Set-Up
4.1. Keyboard Conventions
4.2. Set General Parameters
4.3. Set Notification Parameters
4.4. The Clear Button
4.4.2. Escape from Control Port Monitor Mode
4.4.3. Read Default Switches and Reset Modem
5. Monitoring Data and Signals
5.1. General Monitoring Concepts
5.1.1. Counters
5.1.2. Keyboard Conventions
5.2. Data Monitoring Data Monitoring via the RS-232 Monitor Port Data Monitoring via the Control Port
5.2.2. Specifying Data Monitors Monitor String Wild Cards and Logical AND OR Conditions
5.3. Signal Monitoring
5.3.1. Signal Monitoring Connecting the Monitored Device Signal Monitoring via the Terminal Strip Signal Monitoring via the RS-232 Monitor Port
5.3.2. Specifying Signal Monitors Single and Continuous Signal Triggers
5.4. The No-Data Monitor
6. Reporting Alarms
6.1. Alphanumeric Pager Notification
Alarms 6.2. Numeric Pager Notification
6.3. Report Notification
6.4. Command String Notification
6.5. The Alarm Port
7. Viewing Records
7.1. Audit Records
7.2. View Alarms
7.3. View Captured Data
7.3.1. Display Options
8. Utilities
8.1. Pass-Through Mode
8.2. Save Setup to File
8.2.1. Saving Parameters to an ASCII File
8.2.2. Sending Parameters from an ASCII File
A. Description of System Interfaces
A.1. RS-232 Monitor Port
A.2. Line Monitor Port Terminal Strip
A.3. Control Port
A.3.1. Control Port Cable Wiring Diagrams
A.4. External Alarm Wiring
B. Specifications
C. LED Indicators
D. Customer Service