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1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.1. The Master
2.1.1. Master Unit Front Panel
2.1.2. Master Unit Back Panel
2.2. The Optional Satellite Unit
2.2.1. Satellite Unit Front Panel
2.2.2. Satellite Unit Back Panel
3. Quick Start
3.1. Hardware Installation
3.2. Communicating with the IPS-15
3.2.1. The Web Browser Interface
4. Installation
4.1. Power Supply Connection
4.3. Console Port Connection
4.3.1. Connecting a Local PC
4.3.2. Connecting an External Modem
4.4. Connecting the Network Cable
4.5. Connecting Optional IPS Satellite Units
5. Configuration
5.1. System Mode and User Mode
5.2. Communicating with the IPS
5.2.1. Accessing the Web Browser Interface
5.2.2. Accessing the Text Interface
5.3. Configuration Menus
5.3.1. The General Parameters Menus
5.3.2. Plug Parameters Menus
5.3.3. Network Parameters Menus IP Security Feature
5.3.5. Web Server Parameters Menus
5.4. Save Configuration Parameters
6. Operation
6.1. Plug Numbers and Plug Zones
6.2. Operation via the Web Browser Interface
6.2.1. The Plug Status Screen -Web Browser Interface
6.3. Operation via the Text Interface
6.3.1. The Plug Status Screen -Text Interface
6.3.2. Boot-On-Off Commands -Text Interface
6.3.3. Applying Commands to Several Plugs -Text Interface
6.4. Logging Out of Command Mode
6.5. The Automated Mode
6.6. Manual Operation
7. Saving and Restoring Configuration Parameters
7.1. Sending Parameters to a File
7.2. Restoring Saved Parameters
A. Interface Descriptions
A.2. Straight Wired RJ11 Cables
B. Specifications
C. Customer Service