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1                     Mount the AAU Alarm Unit in a suitable location in your security command center or alarm monitoring site.

2                     Connect the Alarm Cable from the Alarm Unit to the Alarm port on your monitoring device (e.g. PAM, POLLCAT III, AND).

3                     Connect the Power Adapter cable. Use only the power adapter provided with the unit. Use of an inappropriate power adapter can damage the Alarm Unit.



The AAU will emit a beep if power is applied before the Alarm Unit is connected to the monitoring device. If this occurs, connect the Alarm Unit to the Monitoring device to stop the beep tone.


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AAU Audible Alarm Unit, User's Guide



Figure 2: Alarm Cable Connector, Pin Locations



Figure 3: Alarm Cable Connector, Block Diagram


•                      The Audible Alarm Unit must be connected to the power adapter. Power to the AAU is not supplied by the Alarm Cable.

•                      The Audible Alarm Unit can be installed up to 1000 feet away from your monitoring device. Although a 25 foot alarm cable is included with the unit, you may extend this distance with a straight wired cable.


� The AAU will emit a loud beep tone if the Alarm Unit is disconnected from the monitoring device, or if the monitoring device is powered off.