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1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.2. Back Panel
3. Installation
3.1. PBX Port Connection
3.2. Computer Port Connection
3.3. Speed Select Switches
3.3.1. Computer Port Baud Rate
3.3.2. PBX Port Baud Rate
3.3.3. Output Parity
3.3.4. Single Line Release Function
3.3.5. Modem Mode
4. Operation
4.1. Clear Memory
4.2. Test Memory
4.3. Command Set
4.4. Data Release
4.4.1. XON-XOFF Flow Control
4.4.2. CTS-RTS Flow Control
4.4.3. DTR Flow Control
4.5. Auto-Erase Function
4.6. Output Test Function
4.7. The Modem Mode
5. Interface Descriptions
5.1. Computer Port
5.1.1. Connecting a Modem
5.2. PBX Port
6. Specifications
7. Customer Service

3.1. PBX Port Connection


The PBX Port uses a DTE configuration that is identical to most printer interfaces. Before connecting to the PBX Port, check the pin configuration of your PBX's SMDR interface. Most PBX SMDR ports are configured to attach directly to a printer (DTE). If this is the case, a straight wired, pin to pin cable may be used to connect to the ILB's PBX Port. For a description of the PBX Port interface, please refer to Section 5.2.