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1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.2. Back Panel
3. Installation
3.1. PBX Port Connection
3.2. Computer Port Connection
3.3. Speed Select Switches
3.3.1. Computer Port Baud Rate
3.3.2. PBX Port Baud Rate
3.3.3. Output Parity
3.3.4. Single Line Release Function
3.3.5. Modem Mode
4. Operation
4.1. Clear Memory
4.2. Test Memory
4.3. Command Set
4.4. Data Release
4.4.1. XON-XOFF Flow Control
4.4.2. CTS-RTS Flow Control
4.4.3. DTR Flow Control
4.5. Auto-Erase Function
4.6. Output Test Function
4.7. The Modem Mode
5. Interface Descriptions
5.1. Computer Port
5.1.1. Connecting a Modem
5.2. PBX Port
6. Specifications
7. Customer Service

4.4.1. XON-XOFF Flow Control


When the ILB is powered up, the unit will be set in the XOFF (halt) condition. Data will not be released until the DTR signal (pin 20) goes high, and an XON is received. To begin data release, type ^Q and press [Enter]. To halt data release, type ^S and press [Enter].

When the Single Line Release function is enabled (Sw7 = Up), the ILB will release a single record or data item, then wait for an XON before releasing additional data. When Single Line Release function is disabled (Sw7 = Down), the ILB will release data continuously until an XOFF is received or the buffer is emptied.

If the DTR signal drops for any reason during data transfer, output will be terminated. Data output will not resume until the DTR line goes high again, and an XON is received from the polling device. This prevents records from being lost in the event of power failure, cable disconnection, or problems with the polling program.