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1. Introduction
2. Unit Description
2.2. Back Panel
3. Installation
3.1. PBX Port Connection
3.2. Computer Port Connection
3.3. Speed Select Switches
3.3.1. Computer Port Baud Rate
3.3.2. PBX Port Baud Rate
3.3.3. Output Parity
3.3.4. Single Line Release Function
3.3.5. Modem Mode
4. Operation
4.1. Clear Memory
4.2. Test Memory
4.3. Command Set
4.4. Data Release
4.4.1. XON-XOFF Flow Control
4.4.2. CTS-RTS Flow Control
4.4.3. DTR Flow Control
4.5. Auto-Erase Function
4.6. Output Test Function
4.7. The Modem Mode
5. Interface Descriptions
5.1. Computer Port
5.1.1. Connecting a Modem
5.2. PBX Port
6. Specifications
7. Customer Service

4.7. The Modem Mode


The Modem Mode allows the user to retrieve data via an optional external modem connected to the ILB's Computer Port. When the Modem Mode is active, the Status Screen will be displayed each time the unit is accessed.

Prior to installing an external modem at the Computer Port, use the Select Switches to set the Computer Port baud rate and parity as described in Section 3.3. Enable the Modem Mode by placing Select Switch 8 in the UP position.