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1. Introduction
2. Binary Block Read Mode and Structure
2.1. Compressed Binary Block Read Sequence
2.2. Compressed Binary Block Structure
2.2.1. Data Block Structure
2.2.2. Record String Structure
3. Compression Decompression Methods
3.1. Table Decompression
3.1.1. Nibble Positioning
3.1.2. Record String Format Data Decompression Considerations
3.1.3. Table Decompression Example
3.2. Space Compression
4. DLE Stuffing
5. The Cyclic Redundancy Check Option
5.1. Calculation
6. Other Binary Read Commands
6.1. Continuous Binary Block Read
6.2. Send Binary Information Block
7. Customer Service
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6.2. Send Binary Information Block


Command ^B73 sends a status information block in binary format. The information block includes the Site ID Message, current time and date, Reason for Action, Partition Record Count, and Percent Full. This information is sent in binary block format, regardless of the current output mode setting. Type ^B73 [Enter]. For a description of the exact format used for the Binary Information Block, please contact Western Telematic technical support.