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Poll Cat III and Poll Cat III N



•                      When memory components are removed, stored call records will be lost. Call records stored in the PollCat's memory must be retrieved prior to beginning this procedure.

•                      Prior to beginning this procedure, it is strongly recommended that currently defined PollCat parameters should be saved to an ASCII file as described in Section 8 of the PollCat III User’s Guide. Although alarm clues, data filters and configuration parameters are not normally effected by SIMM installation, saving parameters to an ASCII file will provide a means for recovery in the rare case that parameters are corrupted.


1.      Power OFF the PollCat III and remove the top cover.

2.      Locate the SIMM slots on the main PCB as shown in Figure 1 or 2.


a) PollCat III: Eight SIMM slots available, each slot accepts up to a 1MB SIMM. Allows a maximum of 8MB for data storage.

b) PollCat III N: Eight SIMM slots available, each slot accepts either a 1MB SIMM or 4MB SIMM. Allows a maximum of 32MB for data storage.

3. Install the SIMM in the slot:

a) Position the SIMM over the slot, and against the SIMM guide.

b) Use your thumbs to carefully press the SIMM down until it snaps into place.

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PollCat III & PollCat III N; Memory Installation / Upgrade



Figure 1:  PollCat III Circuit Board; SIMM Slot Location



Figure 2:  PollCat III N Circuit Board; SIMM Slot Location

4. When upgrading 256K or 512K PollCat III units to 1MB, the SIMM module in the first slot (256K or 512K) must be removed and replaced with a 1MB SIMM.

a) Remove the 256K, or 512K SIMM, by rocking the module gently back and forth until it comes free of the slot.

b) Install the new 1MB SIMM in the first slot.

c) After installing the 1MB SIMM, the 256K or 512K SIMM can be reinstalled in the next available open slot on the PCB.

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PollCat III & PollCat III N; Memory Installation / Upgrade



Figure 3:  SIMM Installation

5. Replace the Top Cover and power ON the PollCat III. Access the command mode and type ^B37 [Enter] to begin the memory test.

a) If the test is successful, the unit will respond with the “COMPLETE” message.

b) If the memory test detects an error, the unit will display an error message that indicates the location of the SIMM that failed.

i. PollCat III Error Message:


ii. PollCat III N Error Message:



SLOT #: 1

CHIP #: 1 512K X 8 SRAM

CHIP #: 1 128K X 8 SRAM

6. Type ^B22 [Enter] to display the memory size. The response message should indicate the correct upgraded memory size.

Note: Upgraded PollCat III Units: When the original 256K or 512K SIMM has been reinstalled in combination with a new 1MB SIMM, Command ^B22 will return a “Memory Size Error” message. Under these circumstances, this message does not indicate a memory problem and should be ignored. Command ^B 21 can be used as an alternate method to verify the correct memory size; type ^B21 [Enter].

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PollCat III & PollCat III N; Memory Installation / Upgrade

7. Type ^B16 [Enter] to display the System Status Screen. Check to make certain the unit configuration has not been effected by the installation procedure. If configuration parameters are intact, the unit is ready for operation.

a) If configuration parameters have changed, first reset the unit to defaults by typing ^B50,2 [Enter]. Note that all existing parameters, filters and clues will be cleared.

b) Use the ASCII file that was saved at the beginning of this procedure to restore previously defined configuration parameters as described in Section 8.3 of the PollCat III User’s Guide.

c) If configuration parameters were not saved to an ASCII file, they must be manually defined.

If this installation procedure does not produce the desired results, please contact WTI Technical Support for further assistance.



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