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WTI Part Number: 13063 Rev: A


Poll Cat Net Link

Pol la ble Call Ac count ing Ter mi nal

Mem ory Up grade Pro ce dure

To install additional memory in your NetLink unit, proceed as follows:

CAUTION: This upgrade procedure will erase all call records stored in the NetLink's internal memory. It is recommended that you retrieve all data from the unit before you proceed with this upgrade. Note that WTI is not responsible for call records that may be lost during this procedure.

1                     Power off the NetLink unit and disconnect the power cable.

2                     Remove the top cover. The top cover is held in place by four screws located on both ends of the unit.

3                     The Memory Board riser card is located adjacent to the modem card and Network Interface Card back plate.

4                     Loosen the two screws on the memory card mount bracket.

5                     Slide the Memory Card into the lowest available socket on the riser card. Then slide the Memory Card Bracket into place.

6                     Tighten the screws on the Mount Bracket.

7                     Replace top cover.

8                     Power the unit back on.

9                     Access the NetLink command mode. From the main menu select item 4 (System Diagnostics). When the System Diagnostics Menu appears, select item 1 (Load and Test Memory).


Note: The Memory Test will require approximately 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the size of the upgrade. After the Memory Test is complete, the unit will display memory module information, along with the current PBX Port settings.

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PollCat NetLink; Memory Upgrade Procedure

10. Check to make certain that the memory upgrade has been successful. There are two ways to verify a successful upgrade:

a) Command Driven: Type ^B22 and press [Enter]. The NetLink will list installed memory modules and total memory capacity. The display should reflect the presence of the newly installed memory module.

b) Menu Driven: From the NetLink Main Menu, select item 1 (Status Displays). When the Status Display Menu appears, select item 1 to display the Buffer Status Screen, which lists memory capacity and the number of modules installed. This display should reflect the presence of the newly installed memory module.

This completes the NetLink Memory Upgrade procedure. If you have any questions or problems regarding this procedure, please contact WTI Technical Support.



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