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1                     Power off the NetLink unit and disconnect the power cable from the unit.

2                     Disconnect all Cables: Attach a tag to each cable to indicate the name of the port where the cable was installed. This will simplify the process of reconnecting cables when the NIC installation is complete.

3                     Remove Top Cover: The Top Cover is held in place by four screws; two screws on each end of the unit.

4                     Find the Network Card Slot: The Network Card slot is located on the riser card above the Modem card.


a) No Modem: If your unit does not include a modem, position the NetLink with the front panel facing toward you. The Network Card slot is the uppermost card slot on the left hand side of the unit.

b) First Time Installation: If you are installing an NIC for the first time, there will be a cover over the Network Card slot on the NetLink back panel. Locate the NIC slot on the back panel (the very top slot), and then remove the cover from the slot.

c) NIC Replacement: If you are replacing a Network card, remove the old NIC from the slot. First remove the screw which secures the card to the back panel, and then carefully pull the old card out of the slot.

5. Install the Network Card: First align the NIC in the slot, and then apply firm pressure to make certain that the card is properly seated. Use the hold-down screw provided with the card to securely fasten the card to the back panel.


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PollCat NetLink; NIC Installation / Replacement

1                     Replace Top Cover and Cables: Replace the top cover, and reinstall the screws which hold the cover in place. Reconnect the cables to the NetLink back panel.

2                     Apply Power: Power the NetLink unit back on.

3                     Configure the Network Port: Access the NetLink command mode. From the main menu, select item 22 to display the Port Configuration menu. From the Port Configuration menu, select item 6 to display the Network Port Configuration menu.


a) At this point, the top line of the Network Port Configuration menu should indicate that the Network Card is present.

b) Define the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address as described in the NetLink User's Guide. Please consult your network administrator for appropriate settings.

This completes the NIC installation procedure. If you encounter any problems or questions, please contact WTI Tech Support for further assistance.



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